“LetGo My Ego”…..Bringing Peace to The Stress-Filled Mind

There are many interesting topics of discussion when it comes to ego. For example: how do you define it; how does it operate within the human; and most importantly, how the heck do we STOP listening to it?  

I’ve often coined it as the “yappy dog” inside my head. Always talking and barking at whatever life scenario is going on at the time. Sometimes it talks for seemingly good reasons….and most of the time, it does so for no relevant reason at all! As such, its gotten incredibly good at inventing ways to maintain its stronghold for airtime within the minds of me and the entire human race.

Our ego is the nonphysical lower aspects of ourselves that hold us back and fills us with thoughts of worry, doubt and fear.  It keeps us focused on what has happened in the past or what’s going to happen in the future. Via the formulation of thoughts it keeps “alive” thoughts in our mind about things that someone did or said that we didn’t like – or what should’ve been done differently. Its brilliant at keeping the past alive and ruminating about the distant future that hasn’t even been written yet. It’s incessant and never quiets – unless we take a single moment in time to…. “stop”……”pause”…. and “notice it”. Then something beautiful happens – we  wake up in consciousness…..and we silence it.

You see, WE are the ones that have all the power and hold the key to our own sense of peace or insanity. We are the ones that can manage our mind to stay in the current moment – which by the way is truly the only moment we really have. Or, we can let our mind and the yappy dog have its way with us – which often insures that we will always be unhappy, stressed out or worried about something.

Ego thrives on our thoughts of fear – and can’t exist without it. Fear of being hurt, rejected, not heard, fear of not getting credit, fear of someone else getting something bigger or better than you, fear you won’t make it, fear of failure, fear of not being attractive, loved etc.  And, this is the stuff that is driving all of us crazy! Our kids too!

The ego loves to prey upon the negative emotions that it conjures up in our minds – and which it forces you to play over, and over again mentally. And guess what, you experience it’s effects in your emotional responses and physiological responses in the body.  Your body’s chemistry and physiology then reacts as if it were true – or as if it were really happening! Let me tell you, this has profound effects upon yours and your children’s physical and emotional health.

So, what’s the remedy? The first is to simply jump off the hamster wheel and refuse to continue in the mental spin of participating and reliving all the painful thought scenarios that the ego feeds you. It’s really that simple! Once you do this, your Higher Self has just slipped into the driver’s seat, you are operating in the present moment,  AND, you just rose up the ladder into higher human consciousness.

The best part (if you’re able to quiet Yappy’s airtime with any level of consistency) you’ll be nothing short of amazed at the transformation you see in your life, relationships and the way you feel.  As part of our Divine human engineering, there are many tools at our disposal that equip us to elevate our consciousness and overall physical, emotional and spiritual standard of living while we’re living out our lifetime. We don’t need to continue to program our brains and minds for experiencing pain, stress, worry and fear. Why not do the opposite of what we’ve been programmed to do by using our own endowed engineering  to feel joy, love, peace, compassion and inspiration?  Isn’t this what we all want?

Its time to reclaim the reins our own minds, put Yappy outside in the yard, and steer ourselves and our children in the directions we want.

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Let Go of my Ego


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