Who I AM Now A Reflection of Heaven

Who I AM Now A Reflection Of Heaven

Who I AM Now A Reflection of HeavenSome of the most powerful affirmations ever written are contained within the pages of this book! The deeper your spiritual understanding – the greater you’ll reveal the magic and healing affects that these words and intentions possess. Each affirmation is a treatment for the mind, body and spirit. When exercised with intention, these powerful words will help you maintain alignment and a deeper connection to your Divine human nature. The book offers one affirmation for everyday of the year. However, if I’m in need of getting my thoughts back on track or in search of a mental boost, I simply thumb through the months and select whatever I need to treat my particular misaligned mental thoughts or emotions. The more you grow in your consciousness, the more you will understand the depth and powerful effects of these words. This is a book that you can use for a lifetime and it is true healing magic!

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