The Astonishing Power of Emotions

The Astonishing Power Of Emotions

The Astonishing Power of EmotionsIn my opinion, there isn’t a better book available for explaining how the emotions work and how to use them correctly. One of the most relevant tools for humanity to use on a daily basis resides within this book – The Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale. Today, this tool is used around the world and can readily be found on the Internet. While the tool may be readily available, you’ll want to get this book to ensure that you are using it correctly and understand how the laws of vibration and energy frequencies work. This book explains all of these things in very easy to understand language. One thing that is important for readers to understand is that many of the Abraham-Hicks books focus primarily about the mechanics of manifesting. They don’t, on the other hand, provide in-depth instruction on the mechanics of how to unify with the Divine. Humans truly are capable of manifesting any heart’s desire. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of our desires and creations are aligned with that of The Divine. Our #1 purpose for being here is to remember and connect with our Divine heritage and operate in unity with It. It will be your responsibility to ensure that your manifestations are in unity with the Will of Spirit and that of the greater good for all.

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