You Can Heal Your Life

You Can Heal Your Life

You Can Heal Your LifeThis Louise Hay book is another “must have” for your library and one that you can use forever. The author is a long time thought leader that bridges the connection between the mind and the physical body. In this book, Louise Hay very simply illustrates how the quality of our thinking directly affects the status of our physical state and ailments. There is a wonderful section in the book which allows you to alphabetically look up nearly any ailment in any region of the body, the predominant thought pattern that caused the ailment, followed by a prescriptive affirmation that dissolves the harmful dominant thought pattern and that opens your mind and body to a new way of thinking and feeling. I can’t tell you how many times I consulted this book over the years – and it works! It’s a sparkling gem if you use it with intention and conviction. Like anything, the degree to which you apply yourself is the degree to which you will experience change. No one can do it for you –but this book will definitely give you clear vision into the areas that you’ve been unable to see within yourself! It’s a lovely tool to aid you in understanding the conditions that manifest within your children too – and then assist and guide them into new and improved thought patterns about themselves or life. I taught my kids how to use this book when they were young – and as teenagers they still reference it today!

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