What Does My Teen Really Mean When They Say…. “Leave Me Alone!”

What Does My Teen Mean When They Say Leave Me Alone

Every human being has three dimensions to their human construct or composition – two virtual and one that is physical. Most people only identify with the physical, or the body. The other two include the mind and your spiritual dimension or nature. Why is this relevant? Because, each one communicates and integrates with the other.

If we take a mind-body-spirit perspective and approach with the things our kids do and say, we will be far more effective at guiding them! Acquiring strategies for supporting and understand how your teen thinks is essential for your effectiveness and your teens positive outcomes.

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Help! My Child Turned Into A Teen…..5 Strategies For Managing Adolescent Change

Help My Child Turned Into A Teen, 5 Strategies

Parenting teengers doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can truly be rewarding and fun!  Parents and society will continue to be lost until they achieve the following:  

  • Gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the teen mind and the transformational changes imposed upon them by mother nature and
  • Learn strategies to accommodate for those changes.  

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Teen Attitude And Perspective On Life and Living

Adopting A Teen Perspective On Life and Living

Adults can learn a great deal from teens. During the adolescent years, teens often observe in us (adults) everything that they don’t want to be. And, quite often their observations are exceptionally on target. The looking glass by which teens and adolescents view the world is often lost on the rigid lenses of the adult mind and visions of the world.

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