The Power of Play…..Why Adults Should Find What They Lost!

The Power of Play Why Adults Should Find What They Lost

Why and when did we ever stop learning to play and dance like a child? Undoubtedly one of the single largest mistakes adults can make in their lifetime is to stop playing. It brings our personal evolution, brilliance, creativity and resilience to a screeching, and in some cases a life long halt! You see, the biological intelligence of play is designed specifically to benefit the human brain, mind and intelligence.

By Nature’s brilliant design, parents are given a second chance at reconnecting to the whimsical and beneficial properties of carefree play through our children.  Have you ever really whole-heartedly noticed how a child will find great joy, fascination and connection with even the smallest things?  Watch how they lovingly and appreciatively play with dirt, sand or whatever rubble they stumble upon.

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