Think on These Things Krishnamurti

Think On These Things Krishnamurti

Think on These Things KrishnamurtiThis book is a Q & A narrative masterpiece. J. Krishnamurti clearly posses the insight of Sage. “Think On These Things” is filled with pearls of parenting wisdom that transcends time and generations – a rare gem. Although this book may be older, it definitely is not outdated! The wisdom still applies today. And perhaps now more than ever, parents will be willing to follow and act upon his guidance. The book includes excerpts on many subjects ranging from love, maintaining children’s curiosity, education, motivation and the meaning of life. It will also leave you questioning the methods in which we have allowed our children to be taught through organized education. While it’s viable at any age, I so wish I had discovered this book when my children were toddlers. It’s destined to influence your parenting thought processes for the better-forever!

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