With You All the Way Children's Book

With You All The Way Children’s Book

With You All the Way Children's BookWhile all the storybooks by Max Lucado are terrific, “With You All The Way” is of particular relevance at this point in our human development. The story eloquently teaches us that if we are still and listen, we WILL be able to hear The (real) Voice within, which is the Divine (Spirit, God, Source, The All, etc.) speaking through our intuition.

Across the planet people are waking up to their true human heritage and divine abilities. On the basic end of the spectrum people are becoming more spiritually focused. At higher levels, many are beginning to either recognize or grow their intuitive (psychic) abilities and how to apply them for navigating everyday life. This ability is what allows us to hear the guidance and Voice of the Divine or our own Higher Self and Super-Consciousness within. Just like a radio receiver, we have the technology to tune into many different stations or frequencies. Our frequency ranges are increasing as we evolve into higher and higher humans. This is why intuition is growing within so many people now. Children are already born with it and are naturally attuned to it.

Max Lucado’s book beautifully illustrates how to distinguish the One Voice from the misguided voices and other frequencies that would lead us astray. Whether you’ve been psychically advanced for a long time or are just getting reacquainted with your human technologies, having the ability to discern between the guidance of The Voice verses your own mental chatter (ego) and outside voices (that reside on the astral plane) is critical for being at ease with the joy and flow of life.

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