What Does Peace Feel Like? Children's Book

What Does Peace Feel Like? Children’s Book

What Does Peace Feel Like? Children's BookCultivating mindful awareness in children and adults is essential for our brain development and establishing joy and resiliency in life. The senses are instruments that work intricately with our brain and heart to establish greater proficiency in these areas. I particularly like this book for many reasons. First, they effectively use the senses. Second, the author stimulates imagination, positive emotions and beautiful mental imagery – all powerful and beneficial suggestions to impart upon the subconscious, which in turn responds by creating realities that match to the quality of the input it receives – awesome! And third, it teaches a child to do all the aforementioned items via the overarching concept of establishing peace. I highly encourage parents to tailor and practice the exercises within this book for themselves as well. In doing so, you will demonstrate to your child how to be a peaceful parent instead of a stressed-out adult. Children desperately need to see us demonstrating how to do this. They imbed mental images and messages from us into their subconscious mind….which ultimately governs how they will act, feel and think. Therefore, ensure the physical, mental and verbal suggestions that you give your children are of the highest quality and vibrational frequencies!

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