Book Review Submissions

Submitting a book for review

Are you unsure of the quality of a children’s book and needing a little help? Or, would you simply like us to review a children’s book and post it on so that other parents and children can benefit? The process is simple.


  1. On a sheet of paper, tell us:
    1. Your Name
    2. City and state where you are from
    3. Name of the published book
    4. 2-3 short sentences about the impact this book has had upon your child.
  2. Send your book to the address below along with a self-addressed return envelope with return postage included. If accurate return postage is not included your book will be donated to a local cause.

            The Kid Whisper
            P.O. Box 3263
            1201 N. Catalina Ave.
            Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Guidelines and Terms

  1. Book submission is for children’s books only.
  2. Books must be published and available in bookstores, Amazon or other locations that parents can readily purchase and access the book.
  3. Books must be in English.
  4. The submitted book may be no more than 30 pages in length.
  5. com is not responsible for any books or materials lost or stolen in the mail. The submitter is solely responsible for any and all loss or damage to the book resulting from the sending process.
  6. If a return self-addressed envelope with accurate postage is not provided with the book submission, the book will be donated to a public library, children’s shelter or other related location in need of children’s books.
  7. A submission does not ensure that your book will be selected to be reviewed and posted on The Kid Whisper website. Selections will be made according to maximum value and educational benefit for children and parents.
  8. If your book submission is selected. The Book Review will list your first and last name and the state that you are from. If you prefer to use first name and last initial only, please indicate that in the letter you provide.

Does a Gold or Silver Seal Always Mean Quality?

Just because a book has a gold or silver seal doesn’t always mean it’s a winner. Some books get awarded because of their beautiful illustrations. I’ve seen books (that received a golden or silver seal) that imprint repetitive harmful images and messages page after page. For example, if a child sees and hears 15 pages of undesirable behavior, images and messages and then one or two pages of good at the very end – it deserves a closer look!

You want the best books for you children. Books, audio and visual media are extremely powerful at causing the brain to build neurons that match to the quality and content of the impressions that they receive. This is ESPECIALLY important during the ages of approximately 0-7 years, when brain wave production is different than that of other ages – making them more susceptible to impressions. What happens is that these imprints get built up in the brain’s neural networks. This build up is responsible for forming your child’s habits, reactions, beliefs about life and everything! Click Here to obtain detailed information on this subject. Every imprint or impression upon our brain and mind matters!


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