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Parent & Family

Our role as parents is to be an example to our children and to guide them in how to access and sustain the harmony between their three human technologies of mind, body and spirit. When this happens, our physical brains will step in by building the circuitry to help us get to a positive state quicker…. and hold it longer! How amazing is that?

Children’s health, minds and brains are suffering due to environmental influences and the lack of parental training on HOW to fully regulate one’s own mind, emotions and physiology for creating improved health, outcomes, joy and well-being. We’ve trained children to overfill their brains and minds, which is the exact opposite for how the brain and mind likes to function best! Clearing the mind of thoughts and distractions is essential for: activating higher thinking centers of the brain; creativity; receiving inspired ideas; maintaining balance; reducing stress; and improving sleep cycles and overall health and well-being. Further, research is showing that harmful patterns are having less than desirable affects on the addiction centers of children’s brains, emotions, behaviors and overall mental health.

The implications are staggering and our 21st century kids are medicated like never before, abusing alcohol and other drugs while experiencing a myriad of self-harm behaviors ranging from eating disorders to cutting. Meanwhile, parents are struggling to maintain a foothold on their family while they try to figure out why things are happening.

Do you ever wonder why….

  • You feel you or your child should be happier but can’t figure out how to get them there
  • Your child is disengaged, unmotivated or unhappy and you want to know how to empower them out of their temporary slump
  • You’ve read tons of parenting books, attended numerous workshops, tried all the techniques and still you feel like you’re only marginally accomplishing improvements for your child or family
  • You just know and feel like something is missing but can’t figure out what it is
  • You feel you or your child should be happier but can’t figure out how to get there
  • You don’t understand how your child thinks and views the world
  • You’ve tried EVERYTHING and are still having trouble reaching, relating or communicating with your child
  • You’re finding it difficult for life to get “really good” for either you or your child
  • You’re still looking for that “breakthrough” that better helps you and/or your child understand what’s going on.


It doesn’t have to be this way! Don’t waste another precious minute of life wandering in the dark trying to figure out how it all works….or worse, giving up on your kids or yourself. I developed the “Mind Body Spirit Parenting Guidebook “Developing the Conscious Child” as a comprehensive and affordable resource for parents. This guidebook takes complex subjects and distils them into SIMPLE, EASY TO USE information that you can begin practicing IMMEDIATELY to make shifts in your and your child’s life…forever!

“The more you use it, the more change you will experience!”

It’s critically important now, more than ever, that parents commit to learning and teaching this wisdom to their children. Each person must be taught how to use their full human design and technologies of the mind, body and spirit – including and how these function, integrate and communicate with one another.

Together we must do everything we can within our homes to fortify our children with information about their true human potential and attributes. ~ They are the future of our planet and must be endowed with the joy and stamina required to make the necessary changes for us all!

In Love, Gratitude and Health,
Gretchen E. Downey


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