Our Human Technologies….The Key to Enlightenment

Welcome to parenting in the new millennium! As the world is ascending and human consciousness is awakening from its longtime slumber, we’re faced with the dilemma of how to operate in this rapidly evolving over-stimulating world, which at the same time, is beckoning us to realize our true human potential, spiritual nature and gifts. What’s becoming obvious is “how” and in “what” condition we’re surviving and navigating these changes. Are we thriving and falling in love with life?  Or, are we just surviving it?  We should accept and create nothing less than the former. Yet we’ve been trained to the latter – telling ourselves that disease and struggle are normal….and that we just have to survive it all. We owe it to ourselves and our kids to make the shift.

The low levels of thinking that we’ve allowed ourselves to become lulled into are literally killing our joy….and us! The interesting fact is that most of it is completely reversible – if we would simply wake up to our inherent human potential and abilities and learn how to operate our internal technologies to create beautiful lives for our children and ourselves.

If you notice, we spend all our time physically trying to change the unwanted external aspects of ourselves by utilizing one physical means after another –whether it be the next diet, beauty remedy, fitness program or clothing apparel. Yet, we’re still not happy and fulfilled. Meanwhile we’ve been equipped with a whole virtual system right inside ourselves to help us regulate and achieve joy, satisfaction, inspiration, appreciation, self-love and acceptance! How cool is that! So why do we ignore it?  It all relates to our thoughts. Quantum mechanics is now proving what sages and philosophers have known for thousands of years – that you get what you think. If you chew on these words for even a moment, light bulbs should be exploding in your head and mind – causing you to redirect every thought you ever thought …and every thought that you’ll ever think!

To illustrate our waking up in consciousness, it’s evident that more and more people across the planet are becoming more sensitive to lower feeling experiences and emotions – and now find the exposure intolerable. It’s kind of like oil and water. We used to operate in an emulsified world. However now, it’s no longer acceptable to live our lives with a predominant emulsion of both of joy and love mixed with fear and hate.  We’re craving the higher emotions to greater and greater degrees… and will avoid the opposite. This is why so many refuse to watch the evening News channels, which pumps one human catastrophe and tragedy after another across the airwaves. Rarely does the news report on all the great things happening around the world, or the things that are really working well.

Usually we all want joy and love in our lives but don’t have the roadmap for how to get there. We train ourselves with a dabble of spiritually or a spoonful of religiosity, but then we fail or don’t know how to link the physical aspects of ourselves with the spiritual nature of our being. We also don’t know “HOW” to use our spiritual tools for building the reality we want. To make things worse, society and all its marketing wizardry only teach us to stimulate and address the external physical aspects of ourselves, leaving our internal landscape neglected and abandoned.

To navigate the world upon us, we must begin to access and become reacquainted with ALL aspects of our human design – and learn how these work, when they work and how to access, integrate and harmonize them fully.  It’s really a lot simpler than it sounds – it’s just new because our educational and enterprising industries haven’t been training us to this wisdom. And why would they? If they did, we’d wake up and wouldn’t accept the products they’re peddling. Believe me, they’ve done the studies and they KNOW how to imprint upon your mind. All you need to do is learn what they know and do the same to yourself….. but most importantly do it in an empowering life affirming way!

The truth is that we as humans were meant to live creative, exhilarating and joy filled lives.  Sound farfetched? Its really not – and you own the ability to do it right inside of yourself. It belongs to no one but you – so don’t give it away! Learn about it, build it and develop it within yourself and your children…..and then watch the miracles happen!



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