Developing The Conscious Child – Mind Body Spirit Parenting Guidebook


This e-book is filled with vision, clarity and practical information that you can use every waking moment of every day for the rest of your life! The way in which you navigate life will never be the same.



Every human being wants to navigate life in less pain, struggle and strife. As parents we all have worries and are faced with challenging situations regarding our children at every stage of life. But what if you could more easily:

  • Extinguish fear, worry, stress and anxiety
  • Navigate life with greater joy, ease, resiliency, motivation, inspiration and beauty
  • Balance and regulate your emotions
  • Release reactivity, frustration or anger, and train yourself to be centered, stable, and flexible when life revs you up
  • Teach yourself and your child to regulate their body for improved functioning and health
  • Have greater capacity for empathy, compassion and a deeper connection with others
  • Be in touch with your intuition, creativity, inspiration and passion for life
  • Learn how to thrive!

Humans possess substantial powers and technologies for navigating life and all its experiences with greater ease, stamina and strength. The only thing that’s been missing from our generations of parenting is the instruction manual and fundamentals for how to do it! Every piece of wisdom within this affordable book will bring you into a greater understanding of yourself, your children and the world around you. You will view life and yourself with a new lense – one that allows you to peer into your own awe inspiring Divine human design and abilities.

Sadly, we haven’t been taught “how” to do these things through the effective use our own human equipment and incredible physical and non-physical attributes, which I call “technologies”.

The “Mind Body Spirit Parenting Guidebook – Developing The Conscious Child” teaches you the missing fundamentals for how to use and integrate your human technologies and…

  • Give you tools for training your children to become the powerful motivated creators that they were born to be!
  • Give you tools that you and your children can use every waking moment of every day for the rest of your life!
  • Put you in the KNOW and shed powerful light on many subjects plaguing teens, parents and children – and show you that you really can change unwanted behaviors.
  • Teach you how to reclaim the reins of your own mind.
  • Provide answers as to “why” things are happening and how to shift the course towards what you DO want instead of always experiencing what you DON’T want.
  • Teach you how to work with your own brain and nervous system. Relax – it’s so simple! If I can teach it to a 4-year old, you can learn it too.
  • You’ll learn about your innate abilities to make the positive changes “stick”, while melting away the ones that no longer serve you.
  • Improve your health and regulation of the body’s physical systems

Don’t waste another moment of your life wandering in the dark. I’ve been there – it’s no fun… and it zaps the joy out of life and living! Learn how to use your own physical and virtual abilities with this revolutionary book that will finally help parents teach their children how to use their three human technologies of mind, body and spirit for creating greater stability, inspiration, motivation and joy filled lives.

Parents needn’t struggle so desperately to obtain the answers to the questions they’ve been seeking. Combining over 25 years of children and adult physical/emotional/social health, applied neuroscience, mindful awareness education, metaphysical studies and personal transformation work, I’ve done ALL the groundwork for you! I’ve condensed years of education and experience into basic fundamentals that are approachable, easy to use and understand.

It’s my heart’s desire, as a parent and professional, to make this information extremely affordable so that ALL PARENTS can begin accessing and utilizing this incredible information that’s been missing (or parts of which have been made too expensive for the masses to obtain) from our human education. This information belongs to each human being and it should begin at birth! It’s the foundation and cornerstone for regulating our lives, body, emotions and experiences and teaching us how to be the powerful creative beings we were born to be. Using these techniques and tools has transformed my life in so many amazing ways – and I only wish I had been taught this information when I was a child. The pain and struggles of life would have been monumentally different.

Allow the Mind Body Spirit Parenting Guidebook to show you how it works and how to get it done!


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