• Winy Chen, RD

    Winy Chen, RD

    “She is an unbelievable healer with an innate talent to sooth the souls of children and adults”

    Gretchen’s positive energy and spirit are contagious and she is really a person true from the inside out. Her compassion for children and families is the real motivating force behind Mind Body Spirit Parenting’s success. I am a firm believer that this holistic approach to parenting is the answer to many struggling parents’ quest for raising happy, healthy, and mindful children. I’ve used her techniques to guide my kids, and I believe her approach will be extremely helpful to anyone trying to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your children.

    – Dietician Consultant

  • Roxanne Luce

    Roxanne Luce

    “What a fabulous resource Developing the Conscious Child has been to me! As a parent, life’s threads will certainly fray and unravel at times. Mind, Body, Spirit Parenting was my sewing kit and you (Gretchen)…the seamstress!”

    – Roxanne Luce | Writer and Editor

  • Tiffany Rashel, CLC

    Tiffany Rashel, CLC

    “Gretchen is such an amazingly gifted and intuitive person. Her dedication to her craft is evident in the masterful and poignant way she is able to guide and teach. Being coached by Gretchen has significantly heightened my understanding of how closely my spiritual awareness and physical representation are connected, leading me to life-changing breakthroughs in my personal and business life. Her passion is infectious and invigorating. Gretchen’s wealth of knowledge and willingness to share in a manner that is kind and understanding is bar none!”

    – CEO, Art of Womanhood | Instructor

  • Sandi Conley, MA, MFTI

    Sandi Conley, MA, MFTI

    “Gretchen’s insight into human relationships is extraordinary and provides tools toward becoming a more conscious parent. A must read for anyone looking to develop more meaningful and connected communication with their children. Gretchen has been an inspiration to me both as a parent and as a professional.”

    – Behavioral Health Education Specialist

  • Jacque Huynh Schaeffer

    Jacque Huynh Schaeffer

    “She is an unbelievable healer with an innate talent to sooth the souls of children and adults”

    “As a single parent raising 2 young children I need all the help I can get and this has been best place to get information for our family. Gretchen really understands the parent and gets how the children “work”. We love how she integrates the mind, body and spirit together by teaching us how to access and use it to our benefit. It helped us find the strength from within ourselves so that we could trust, believe and love ourselves.”

    -Director of Leadership Development |


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