Conscious Eating – Who’s Responsibility Is It? According to the WHO…

Conscious Eating - Who’s Responsibility Is It? According to the WHO…

King Curtis, the child personality from the YouTube video, may think “Bacon is good for you!”, but not according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO says bacon, sausages and ham are among the most carcinogenic substances along with cigarettes, alcohol, asbestos and arsenic, according to the October 25 health report news in Additionally it was reported that the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer indicated there was enough evidence to rank processed meat as a group 1 carcinogens because of a causal link with bowel cancer.

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CREATION – The “Ultimate Gift” Of Human Intelligence.

The Divine creative intelligence of nature is unfathomable and awe-inspiring. Have you ever explored the science of biomimicry? Big word, but stick with me for a moment. This is where science tries to duplicate the perfection and intelligence of nature’s design to create inventions or engineered solutions bases upon what they learn from nature’s brilliance. For example, humans still cannot create a substance that is as strong, small and flexible as the threads of a spider web. If it were to be magnified into the size of a quarter inch cable, the strength would be inconceivably greater than even our greatest technologies.

Why do I bring this up? Well, humans have been gifted (from Nature, Source, the Divine or whatever you prefer to call the Universal Intelligence that flows through all things) with immense gifts that are unparalleled to anything anyone could possibly reproduce. These attributes are packaged right inside each of us – awaiting our activation and awareness that they even exist. What’s thee technology of technologies? Creation. We are creative beings living in physical bodies. Now I don’t mean the run-of-the-mill creativity like Johnny is really good at building blocks (although I’m not knocking those exercises because they are extremely important in realizing ones creative potential). I’m talking about big picture creation – taking something from a virtual idea in the mind to manifesting it into a physical reality in our lives.

Do we truly understand what it means to create – to make something from nothing? For starters, it doesn’t come from nothing –  it comes from a thought.

Have you ever contemplated how powerful your thoughts actually are? The field of science has. And scientists have been very busy studying and measuring the energetic vibrations of thought and how the energy from mental thought coalesces, changes and assembles sub atomic particles of light and molecules to form matter. For anyone that remembers their chemistry class, we know that molecules make matter, and matter is what our physical realities are comprised of.  Some of the most prestigious universities in the world are studying the affects of focused thought (or meditation and prayer, as some like to call it) and the power it has to actually change human physiology and physical matter. That’s right! They’ve illustrated how a cell will actually change, heal etc. based upon the energetic vibration and quality of a specific thought or intention launched at it. Further scientists are even measuring the affects of how someone else’s thoughts can heal the cells in another person’s body!

For the churchgoers or spiritual minded folks, this may not come as a big surprise. However, my question to the masses is – then why aren’t we using OUR internal mental technology to our advantage to bring forth great healing in our own lives, humanity and the world.  We possess great potential, but are we fully accessing and using this amazing intelligence that resides within each of us to the fullest?

There are other powerful creations beyond the physical manifestations that we make, which include the intangible creations of our minds, thoughts and emotions. Have you ever noticed how powerful it is to transform hate, dislike or fear into love, acceptance, understanding and peace?  Have you ever felt the exhilarating freedom, inner peace and health that come as a result of performing such a feet?  These intangible creations unequivocally may be the most powerful creations of all!  For anyone who has had a long time nemesis (which you transformed into a friend) you know what I’m talking about. As if by magic, old discords clear up or are forgotten… and then resentment turns into cooperation and peace. Turning fear and hate into love and compassion is spiritual alchemy or creation at its best! It’s life altering ~ and our physical health and world around us becomes a reflection of our new and improved inner thought forms. In other words, the intangible becomes tangible!

When you recognize and become consciously aware of our amazing human design, one can’t help but be intrigued or motivated to access and use all of our internal equipment and capabilities to transform our thoughts to their highest good and to “create” a better life experience for our children, ourselves and the world.

Like anything, it takes training – or perhaps re-training. And it occurs by intentionally focusing and redirecting ourselves – one thought, one moment, one experience at a time.


Frame of Mind series. Composition of human face wire-frame and fractal elements with metaphorical relationship to mind, reason, thought, mental powers and mystic consciousness

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