Five Ways To Cultivate a Reflective Mind Within Your Child


Mindful awareness is becoming a common language in conscious parenting. People are waking up to their virtual technologies and a  mind body spirit parenting approach. They’re searching for information on how to create a more happy harmonious life. People want to live in the moment and be joyful. And, they want the same (if not more) for their children.

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The Power of Play

Child's Muddy Feet Why and when did we ever stop learning to play and dance like a child? Undoubtedly one of the single largest mistakes adults can make in their lifetime is to stop playing. It brings our personal evolution, brilliance, creativity and resilience to a screeching, and in some cases a life long halt. You see, the biological intelligence of play is designed specifically to benefit the human brain, mind and intelligence. By Nature’s brilliant design, parents are given a second chance at reconnecting to the whimsical and beneficial properties of carefree play through our children.  Have you ever really whole-heartedly noticed how a child will find great joy, fascination and connection with even the smallest things?  Watch how they lovingly and appreciatively play with dirt, sand or whatever rubble they stumble upon. Recently I witness something that nearly broke my heart. A small child was playing down by the shoreline of the beach. As he danced, skipped and sang around his little self-made mound of sand, it was clear that this child was in complete alignment with his creative “happy place”. In between his giggles and dancing, he would stop to collect more sand and seaweed to adorn his structure and to hang lavishly around himself. Suddenly mom took notice of child after her lengthy distractions of texting and chatting. Then, her voice ripped through the air and through the child like a machete laced with poison as she screamed, “Put that down! Don’t EVER touch that nasty stuff again!” In that instant, the child’s face and emotions went from pure bliss and self-empowerment to intense shame, sadness, powerlessness, guilt and disappointment.  As I watched the child crying and filled with shame and confusion, I couldn’t’t help asking myself, “I wonder how many times this child’s beautiful works have been completely destroyed and humiliated?” And all because he got a little dirty with the ocean’s plant life? In the child’s mind and current reality the sand and rubble were gold and diamonds. And most beautiful of all, this child chose to sing and dance about it with all his heart and soul. He was creating a beautiful reality for himself with simple supplies from nature. When we degrade or disconnect with the intrinsic value and human need for play, we’re doing more harm than we can possibly imagine. Its counter intuitive to the way a human joyfully learns and exercises the development of their Divine creative powers – and to the way our brain works and functions best. If we devalue or punish children for their play they can start losing trust in themselves and life. Our misaligned perception is completely opposite with how the child is feeling inside about the meaning, importance and joy of their creative work. Indisputably science knows that the “play centers” are amongst the most powerful areas of the human brain. It’s by no mistake that the Universe designed us to be hardwired for play, music, love and dance and other high vibrational energies. These activities light up highest regions of the brain, which stimulate our highest creative human potential! Next time you have a similar experience, remind yourself to view the situation through the eyes of your child.  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll see the gold in the sand, the jewels in the seaweed…and imagine that its magic. And perhaps …you’ll even remember how to sing and dance about it.

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