You Can Change Bullying…Watch What Happens

Can Anyone Change Bullying

Watch What Happens to This 5-Year Old When Two High School Football Players Take Notice.

Its inspiring and relieving when outside forces step in to lend a helping (and sometimes life-saving) hand when someone is being bullied. We all have a responsibility to treat one another with respect, kindness and to honor each other’s freedom. When these attributes aren’t fostered within a child’s home or their living environment, it can lead to bullying behaviors. Further, its extremely important for parents to authentically examine their own behaviors and discipline to ensure that they aren’t cultivating these unwanted behaviors (power struggles and/or feelings of powerlessness) within their children.

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How Behaviors Are Created…..…And One Important Secret for Changing Them!

Why Self Love May Be The Ultimate Fountain of Youth

Humans have unfortunately been programming themselves over the centuries to point out the worst and focus on what’s “bad” or “not working ” as apposed to giving our full attention to what “is” working”. How does this impact our children?

If we predominantly focus on pointing out what our child is doing wrong, positive psychology and neuroscience has proven that it can have less than desirable effects on the wiring and programming of their brains and minds. Think about it, when we criticize and compare our children we’re essentially developing and building the neuro-circuitry that makes them feel and think “something is wrong with me ” or “I’m inadequate”. This can lead to feelings of stress , unworthiness, self esteem challenges, and much more.

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Find Out How to Get Your Child to Pay Attention Quickly… With These 5 Things


The brain loves novelty! If it didn’t, we would be inspired to learn, explore, create and evolve. If your child isn’t paying attention to you it could be because things are getting a little too repetitive or stagnant. Of course, there are many other factors that can hijack your child’s attention, but here a few quick and easy things you can do to get them to listen and take notice more often.

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