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Parents are struggling like never before in human history and its time to change course. We are far more powerful beings that anyone has allowed us to know!  

What are the solutions for creating inspired and thriving lives for children and us? The answer lies in our ability to access and apply all of our human technologies (of mind, body and spirit) to manage life’s experiences at higher levels. Undoubtedly, we’ve been trained to give up the reins and seek answers and solutions outside of our own control…when all along the answers resided within.

As a health prevention professional, I’ve witnessed tens of thousands of children who are over stimulated and under inspired – leaving them feeling confused, empty, and roaming without an adult or environment that fully knows how to guide and support their internal human abilities and powers.

Its time to break through the old thinking paradigms and start recognizing the full aspects of who we are and how to put our technologies to use for sustaining lifelong health and happiness for our children and ourselves. It’s time to get motivated, inspired and informed for how to parent in the new millenium!


Children’s health, minds and brains are suffering due to and the lack of human education and training on HOW to fully regulate one’s own mind, emotions and physiology for creating improved health, outcomes, joy and well-being. We’ve trained children to overfill their brains and minds, which is the exact opposite for how they like to function best! Then, we provide no training on how to overcome the harmful effects of these actions.

Clearing the mind of thoughts and distractions is essential to activating higher thinking centers of the brain, creativity, balance, inspired ideas, reduced stress, improved sleep cycles and overall health and well-being. Further, research is showing that these harmful patterns are having less than desirable affects on the addiction centers of children’s brains, emotions, behaviors and overall mental and physical health.


The implications are staggering. Our 21st century kids are medicated like never before, abusing alcohol and other drugs and experiencing a myriad of self-harm behaviors ranging from eating disorders to cutting. Meanwhile, parents are struggling to maintain a foothold on their families while they try to figure why things are happening.


We must also begin to understand and better communicate with the spiritual aspects of our nature – the wisest part of us that is often ignored, leaving us starving for happiness, peace, kindness, inspiration, love, empathy and connection. Our spiritual nature is the ultimate substance that can guide us flawlessly, transform conditions and create daily miracles! It perfectly communicates with our physical and mental technologies…and it’s our job to learn how.

Do you ever wonder why?

  • You feel your child should be happier, but you can’t figure out how to get them there
  • You’re child is disengaged, unmotivated or unhappy and you can’t figure out how to empower them out of their temporary slumps
  • You just know and feel like something is missing. You’ve read many mainstream parenting books, attended workshop, tried all the techniques and you’re still only marginally accomplishing improvements for your child or family.
  • You don’t understand how your child thinks and views the world
  • You’ve tried EVERYTHING and are still having trouble reaching, relating or communicating with your child
  • You’re finding it difficult to allow life to get “really good” for either you or your child
  • You’re still looking for that “breakthrough” that will help you and your child.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Its time to roll up our sleeves and not waste another minute wandering in the dark trying to figure out how it all works…or worse, giving up on your kids and life. Let the Mind Body Spirit Parent Guidebook “Developing the Conscious Child help you!

“The more you use it, the more change you will experience!”

Everyone should be afforded the opportunity and knowledge for how to regulate their technologies and influence outcomes. That is why I created this book. This two-part book is a compilation and synthesis of 25 years of professional experience, personal study and human experience. The information in this guidebook is information that I wish I would have known that no one ever taught me. With or without children, I use this information every day. It will never be outdated! Why? Because it’s about how to use your human design. It’s more than just a parenting book -it’s a book that you can use for a lifetime!

Together we must do everything we can within our homes to fortify our children with information about their true human potential and attributes. ~ They are the future of our planet and must be endowed with the joy and stamina required to make the necessary changes for us all!

In Health, Light & Love,

Gretchen E. Downey


Parents, children and teens continue to struggle with their physical, mental and emotional related experiences due to antiquated educational methods applied to learning and human physiology. To further exacerbate the issue, mainstream education is completely void of allowing for instruction about the mind and spiritual dimensions of our human abilities. Western education has been irresponsible in implementing education that matches to the emerging advancements in the areas of neuroscience, quantum mechanics and spirituality. These sciences are becoming highly developed, yet they aren’t reaching our children’s textbooks nor the family education environments with accuracy and consistency.

What does this mean for our intuitive and enlightened 5th dimensional children who are suffering and trying to operate in this over-stimulating and chaotic 3-dimensional world that teaches antiquated information?  

Training children’s minds in opposition to how they like to work and function best can have demonstrative effects – and we’re seeing the evidence of this in our world today. When we train kids to regulate their mind and maintain higher states of consciousness, science has indisputably proven that we transform the creative potential of our own human brain! When kids are inspired and engaged in meaningful work or feeling gratitude the brain circuitry lights up in its highest thinking centers (instead of being shut off by stress, fear, worry, anger, boredom and powerlessness).  Suddenly kids’ self-confidence blooms and they become inspired by life and all its creative possibilities…allowing their genius within to blossom!

This is where the magic happens ~ when the higher aspects of our nature begin working in harmony with our physical body and mind.

Inadequate information about our full human construct creates consequences for parents who are trying to guide these highly developed children that are often born with amplified non-physical attributes such as intuition, pure creativity, non-resistance, compassion, joy, empathy, cooperation, acceptance, claircognizance and clairsentience.  Training and programing the human brain and mind in opposition to its true nature and how it likes to function best can have profound implications on children and adult’s:

  • Happiness
  • Resiliency
  • Ability to focus
  • Ability to balance and engage in life
  • Health and human physiology
  • Brain development, construction and integration

It’s time we started training our children with methods that match to their true complete nature – and which aligns to how their physical brain and body likes to work and function best!

How do we do this? For starters, fill their experiences with meaningful inspiring work, trust, playfulness and teaching them to feel gratitude, compassion, optimism, and love. Secondly, it requires that they be taught how to regulate their technologies such as the mind or thoughts. Currently our education system places more emphasis on what a child is doing wrong instead of what they’re doing right. In other words we give greater attention/validation to training and developing their weaknesses rather than focusing on their individual gifts and strengths. Positive psychology has studied the consequences these practices are having on our children’s happiness, development, self-confidence, resiliency and ability to thrive. And it is catastrophic!

Weather you are an expectant parent or have older teens, this information is for you! Having specialized in mindful awareness, applied neuroscience and many physical and behavioral health education disciplines (including being a parent), I’m able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together for you. I developed the Mind Body Spirit Parenting Guidebook specifically for parents so that they could EASILY grasp the knowledge that I’ve been so fortunate to have – and start putting it to use for their children right away!

I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. And what would work better if only our education systems included information about our full technologies and capabilities. Researchers and the US government have conducted numerous studies on the human brain potential and how it likes to optimally function. Yet this information isn’t even close to hitting the textbooks or our school-age children. Neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum physics and spiritual/metaphysical subjects are also being studied in some of the most prestigious universities around the globe, with incredible findings on how these relate to our human development and our powerful creative abilities. And yet again, this wisdom and knowledge eludes mainstream education.

We wonder why our children are uninterested and disengaged from learning. Educational experts know that our mainstream learning environments are antiquated and are not a match for our quantum and enlightened 21st century children.

Let this website support you in your endeavors to help you navigate yours and your children’s lives more beautifully today! Our Parent With Gretchen page provides lots of options to obtain free and low cost information and resources that will support you in your journey including, Parent News educational blog posts, live radio shows, professional book reviews for parents and children’s books and opportunities to work with me one-on-one.

Together we must do everything we can within our homes to fortify our children with information about their true human potential and attributes. They are the future of our planet and must be endowed with the joy and stamina required to make the necessary changes for us all!

Blessings and Health to You and Your Family,

Gretchen E. Downey


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